Nonprofit Membership

Professional association with New Hampshire’s only organization providing statewide ongoing, high-quality fundraising education for development professionals and volunteer fundraisers

Fundraising education

  • Professional development in fundraising through education and training at workshops, conferences with national speakers, peer to peer learning coffees, newsletters, blog and website
  • Discounts for attendance at two all-day conferences and at all regional workshops
  • Direct access to conference and workshop presenters and their materials
  • Up to date contact information and access to vendors of development-related services including marketing, graphic design, and donor software
  • Credits toward CFRE designation – Certified Fund Raising Executive


  • Online Membership Directory with link to your organization
  • Coffee with CONFR – networking and peer learning breakfasts with a focus on hot topics in fundraising

Mentor program

A program to match new development professionals with seasoned fundraising professionals

Access to CONFR resources including:

  • Free posting of your organization’s job opportunities on the CONFR website
  • Reduced cost for use of CONFR’s mailing list to share educational opportunities
  • Resource materials from CONFR’s extensive file shared at no cost

Corporate Membership

Skilled fundraisers – strong organizations – successful missions! CONFR programs teach people “how to fish” by providing knowledge that lasts a life-time and turns jobs into careers.

Just as your college education helped to prepare you for your career, the Council on Fundraising educates our state’s fundraisers with the skills they need to keep their organizations strong. Whether they are executive directors, development professionals, grant writers or board members, the most successful fundraisers in this state got – or are getting – their start at CONFR conferences, workshops and networking coffees.

AND, we keep fees low and provide programs in every region of the state because in today’s economy, we know “affordable and accessible” are what nonprofit people need when budgets are tight and the work-load is heavy.

But like all educational institutions, CONFR program fees alone don’t cover the entire cost of training a fundraising professional. That’s why for-profit companies are asked to invest in our efforts by becoming a CONFR member, because you understand the incredible value that a vibrant nonprofit sector provides to our state and our local communities.

When you join CONFR, you are enabling us to grant three scholarships for nonprofit fundraisers to attend a conference or workshop, or to pay program costs like video conferencing or speaker fees. AND, your membership enables you to attend CONFR programs as well at the reduced members-only rate.

Support from our for-profit partners DOES make a difference in the work we do. Thank you for considering a CONFR membership and your continued investment in the critical education that CONFR provides.

Please join CONFR today!

Thank you!

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